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Sciecure,a pioneer in the oral nicotine product industry, has established itself as a leader in the manufacturing of nicotine pouches and chewing nicotine. the company has grown exponentially, driven by its commitment to innovation and excellence in the oral nicotine sector.

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Our products have obtained  FDA,ISO,CE,ROSH,GMP,and other certifications at home and abroad.

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Sciecure. | has a professional R&D team that boasts rich experience and profound industry knowledge.The first-class R&D team ensures industry-leading efficiency in product development and provides professional services, including OEM/ODM, to support customization demands.


Own R&D team, 4600 square meters of exclusive solid dosage manufacturing plant, the production plant is designed and built in accordance with China, EU and US FDA, GMP standards, and passed the MHRA audit in December 2016, and the solid dosage plant has successfully passed the US FDA’s on-site inspection and audit.

​Use my ability to build your brand

​If you already have a brand – If you already have a brand or are planning to establish your own brand of lip cigarettes, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible as long as you meet our minimum order quantity. We will fully support you as shown below


Sciecure. |Nicotine Pouches Manufacturer:More than 3,000 global customers in over 90 countries and regions worldwide favor Sciecure products. We have dedicated teams ready to provide international customers with fast, accurate, attentive pre-sales consultation and after-sales services while ensuring unraveled purchasing and using experience.

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